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Logo Buurman & Buurman Meubels

Logo Buurman & Buurman Meubels

Buurman & Buurman Meubels
Winsum, The Netherlands

Logo design: A new corporate logo

The Process
The start-up company Buurman & Buurman Meubels asked hilgie.com to design the new company logo. Buurman & Buurman specializes in creating new wooden furniture as well as restyling old wooden furniture. This client did have specific wishes as to what the logo should look like: A clear, stylish and warm logo which should contain the colors blue and green.
Our designers made some samples based on the clients wishes and made some samples of how they would see the logo. Our designers could convince the client to use different colors. In every step of the design process we participated with the client to get the best result. The logo is stunning and another happy client of hilgie.com.
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